The UN Sustainable Development Goal Report 2022

The world is enduring the highest number of conflicts since the creation of the United Nations. Approximately 2 billion people live in conflict-affected countries. The COVID-19 pandemic has so far directly or indirectly cost the lives of close to 15 million people. And the Ukraine war has caused food, fuel and fertilizer prices to skyrocket. These situations will only deteriorate with climate change, which acts as a “crisis multiplier”, and whose impacts are already being felt across the globe. Increased heatwaves, droughts and floods are affecting billions of people worldwide, contributing further to poverty, hunger, and instability.

The world is facing a confluence of crises that threaten the very survival of humanity. All of these crises – and ways to prevent and navigate them – are addressed holistically in the SDGs. We ignore them at our own peril. This year’s report paints a particularly sobering picture. Using the latest available data and estimates, it reveals that the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development is in grave jeopardy due to multiple, cascading, and intersecting crises. COVID-19, climate change and armed conflicts predominate. Each of them, and their complex interactions, impact all of the Goals, creating spin-off crises in food and nutrition, health, education, the environment, and peace and security. To put the world on track to sustainability will require concerted action on a global scale.

Over the past two years, the COVID-19 pandemic has wreaked havoc on almost every aspect of our lives. And it is still far from over. The pandemic wiped out more than four years of progress on poverty eradication and pushed 93 million more people into extreme poverty since 2020. It has disrupted essential health services, resulting in a drop in immunization coverage for the first time in a decade and a rise in deaths from tuberculosis and malaria, among many other impacts. Prolonged school closures put 24 million learners – from pre-primary to university levels – at risk of not returning to school. The immediacy of the COVID-19 crisis is now overshadowed by the existential threat of climate change. Increased heatwaves, droughts and apocalyptic wildfires and floods are already affecting billions of people around the globe and causing potentially irreversible damage to the Earth’s ecosystems.

All United Nations Sustainable Developmen Goals - WOIMA Corporation aligning with UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) - Summary

Here are some additional key facts and figures of 2022:

  • About 1 in 10 people worldwide are suffering from hunger and nearly 1 in 3 people lack regular access to adequate food.
  • The global prevalence of anxiety and depression increased by an estimated 25 per cent, with young people and women most affected.
  • An estimated 17 million metric tons of plastic entered the world’s ocean and the volume of plastic pollution entering the ocean is expected to triple by 2040.
  • The number of Internet users surged by 782 million to reach 4.9 billion people
  • In low-income countries, the total public and publicly guaranteed debt service to export ratio rose from an average of 3.1 per cent in 2011 to 8.8 per cent

The severity and magnitude of the challenges before us demand sweeping changes on a scale not yet seen in human history. First, we must start by ending armed conflicts and embark on a path of diplomacy and peace – a precondition for sustainable development. We simply cannot tolerate war and the senseless loss of precious lives and resources it entails. Second, we must adopt low-carbon, resilient and inclusive development pathways that will reduce carbon emissions, conserve natural resources, transform our food systems, create better jobs, and advance the transition to a greener, more inclusive, and just economy.

The road map laid out in the SDGs is clear. Just as the impact of crises is compounded when they are linked, so are solutions. When we take action to strengthen social protection systems, improve public services and invest in clean energy, for example, we address the root causes of increasing inequality, environmental degradation, and climate change. Third, nothing short of a comprehensive transformation of the international financial and debt architecture will be required to accomplish these aims and to avoid a two-track recovery, with developing countries left behind. The stakes could not be higher. If humanity is to survive, we must survive together, leaving no one behind.

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