Using Renewables

The WOIMA Ecosystem has a high availability rate of well over 90%. Thus, it generated stable base-load power 24/7 using the most widely available renewable and green fuel – waste. Although waste is quite a heterogenous fuel, its generation is constant over time, which serves the base-load power plant well. And since waste generation is on the rise in every continent, there’s also room for more waste-powered base-load generation.

Stabilizing the Power Grid

Base-load power is required to stabilize the power grid to allow connecting intermittent power sources, such as solar and wind. The more intermittent power is available, the more base-load is also required. The WOIMA Ecosystem uses abundantly available renewable fuel – waste, thus ensuring high availability and stable grid. Localized power generation also reduces transmission losses, which offers more power to consumers without increasing generation capacity.
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