WOIMA BLOG 3/2018 The Principles which Turns Your Waste into Wellbeing

Most of us are aware of the scientific studies and the undisputed math demonstrating the unsustainable path our planet is on. Many have even witnessed the massive waste induced problems in our oceans and landfills globally through the news and media outlets.

We firmly believe that the issue of this magnitude is best dealt by working together with first class partners through aligned set of principles enabling the abundant waste to be turned into social and economic Wellbeing.

The world we know is diverse and rich in countless of ways. However, the harsh reality is that most of the world’s population live in conditions which are unfortunate and very much alike in terms of insufficient energy and waste management resulting disproportionate impact to environment with global repercussions.

The fact that over 80 % of the world’s people will live in either Africa or Asia by the year 2100 or let alone the projections concerning the population in Africa being quadrupled by the same time, illustrates to which the waste and energy management sector must respond to in coming years. (http://blogs.worldbank.org/opendata/future-world-s-population-4-charts). Therefore, it is safe to say, that this phenomena and related consequences, if left unchecked, will be one of the greatest obstacles we face as a mankind.

Luckily enough, the awareness on waste and energy management in developing countries is growing every day both in commerce and in local policy making. Still, much of the locations where biggest achievements can be achieved are usually the most challenging ones pushing even further the boundaries for delivered solutions. In other words, we may all agree on the importance of the cause but acting on it, and to make a difference successfully – is another thing.

For this mission, we embed our Values into every layer of operations to ensure integrity, not only by ourselves, but together with our partners. First of all, with Sisu, our team is determined to make a change despite of the extent of adversity. Secondly, we are Pioneering the concept and delivery of Circular Economy Solutions making the process of saving the environment more easy and profitable. Thirdly, we take pride of being Accountable to fulfil the promises we give.

What drives us forward, is the desire to achieve further Wellbeing to the Customer and to the local community by enabling sustainable and profitable growth. This wellbeing reflects back to the parties that work as team in the process. That being said, we value the importance of Collaboration, as we can achieve greater milestones when carefully selected minds work seamlessly together. And of course, as Entrepreneurs, we take constant initiative to seek and transform opportunities into high Customer value and satisfaction.

We and our partners are fully attentive of the global environment we are dealing with for which we have extended the cornerstones of our capabilities to every aspect of the value creation process. Our modular solutions can be easily fitted into any power production mode and schemes enabling distributed waste management and energy production to say the least. This Flexibility encompasses, not only our solutions, but also our organization, providing the ability to effortlessly reposition our actions as needed to secure Speed in delivering products and services to the Customer. Time is money, and the faster we get to mitigate the waste induced problems, the better. And above all, we have endless ambition to Innovate improved ways to secure superior business operations for our Customers’ in the field of Circular Economy Solutions.

Our mission is guided with this set of principles, and by working together with our partners in delivering uniquely tailored WOIMA Circular Economy Solutions, we are fully equipped to solve and overcome any challenge in Turning Your Waste into Wellbeing.


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Joona Piirto
Chief Project Officer, WOIMA Finland Oy


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Henri Kinnunen
Chief Executive Officer, WOIMA Finland Oy