Optimizing Energy Generation

The WOIMA Ecosystem is an extremely efficient way of treating society’s waste streams. It fully supports the 3R Principle (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle) and aims at recycling the waste otherwise destined in a landfill; either as raw material or as energy. Each waste fraction is treated with the method best suited for it to extract the maximum energy content out of it. The different WOIMA Ecosystem Solutions rely on internal synergies to ensure that one plus one equals more than two.

Minimizing Residual Waste

One of the key principles of WOIMA Ecosystem is the reduction of the waste quantity. Waste and energy are recycled within the ecosystem to minimize to unusable material quantity and to generate exactly those energy commodities that are in demand locally. The waste incineration residue is mainly utilized in cement of brick manufacturing industry and biogas generation residue acts as fertilizer. As an end-result, over 95% of the original waste stream is utilized.
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Maximizing Revenue Generation

The WOIMA Ecosystem transforms the original negative-value waste into a stream of revenue-generating commodities. Electricity, biogas, recyclables and fertilizers are some of the examples of the available commodities, each with significant sales value. Savings from reduces waste landfilling and potential carbon credits from diminished greenhouse gas emissions still add to the revenue stream.