Our mission is to improve quality of life both locally and globally, as well as empower people to utilize waste as a commodity. Our decades of international project management experience ensure an on-time, in-budget and high-quality WOIMA solution delivery across the globe.




One of our key values is accountability. Like most people, we started learning about accountability when we were children, but it has been particularly close to our hearts in the large infrastructure projects we have delivered. We take our corporate social responsibility for the environment and the people we work with very seriously. We manufacture our products responsibly and make sure that they are built to work and last – always efficiently and reliably. We also take care of every employee and all our interest groups. We have a saying in Finland that goes: “When a Finn makes a promise, it stands.”

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Finns have technology in their DNA. As a nation of engineers, we want to make sure that we ourselves and our stakeholder groups not only act responsibly, but always utilise the best available technology. Technological pioneering is also a key principle of our power plants, both in terms of their structure, performance and use. As far as environmental values are concerned, we also apply our pioneering spirit to the problem itself – waste processing. Being a trailblazer is not easy – and it requires outstanding accountability and determination.

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Sisu, meaning determination in the face of adversity, is the only Finnish word besides sauna that can be found in an English dictionary. Finland is made of sisu and by sisu, as is WOIMA. Sisu is a powerful combination of courage, perseverance, extreme persistence and initiative that is strong enough to defy the elements. Simply innovating and delivering modular power plants from small, cold, far-off Finland to emerging countries takes a huge amount of courage and determination. We also want to extend Finnish sisu to help the locals to act responsibly and wisely far into the future. Every member of our team is a gutsy advocate of accountability.

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