WOIMA Ecosystem solutions mitigate landfill methane emissions by controlled use of methane in power generation, which cuts down on the use, or even replaces fossil fuels. This is our response to the challenges posed by landfill methane gas. It is time to present WOIMA Ecosystem – Negative Carbon Footprint Solution, which carbon capture capability equals of the over 10 ha of Finnish spruce forest.

In the new WOIMA brochure we will tell about the carbon footprint of the waste-to-energy power generation, which consists of direct and indirect CO2 equivalent emissions. The direct emissions are based on the combustion of fuels and the indirect implications consists of the production, transportation and distribution of fuels.

Adding the direct and indirect impacts together,

WOIMA Ecosystem power generation solution has a negative carbon footprint worth 5,000 tons of eqCO2 p.a.

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Comparing to fossil fuel power plants p.a., The WOIMA Ecosystem generates significantly less eqCO2 emissions.

WOIMA Ecosystem produces roughly 50,000 tons less eqCO2 emissions than fossil fuel power plants p.a.

We’ll show you how the WOIMA Ecosystem combines three simple and robust waste-to-value technologies into one comprehensive solution. Waste-to-energy solutions have a wide range of benefits that far exceed the costs. WOIMA Ecosystem solution reduces greenhouse gas emissions by replacing waste disposal in landfills and open burning of waste. WOIMA solutions advanced technologies help to burn waste at extremely high temperatures, which ensures complete combustion.

Waste-to-energy technologies are in the forefront of climate change mitigation. These plants have also an impact in the fight against environmental pollution.

Discover more about WOIMA Ecosystem – Negative Carbon Footprint Solution and learn more about e.g. its modularity, waste fuels calorific value range and versatile energy commodities.

Download brochure by clicking the link below.

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WOIMA Corporation is a Finnish supplier of best-in-class waste-to-value products, projects and services worldwide. We have developed solutions that enable us, and the customer, to transform and recycle virtually any waste stream into raw materials and energy.  At WOIMA we combine Finnish engineering know-how in waste management with power generation design expertise. These solutions are used in Finland every day. They support the circular economy ideology and ensure that less than 1% of Finland’s waste ends up in landfills.

Our mission is to improve quality of life both locally and globally, as well as empower people to utilize waste as a commodity. Our decades of international project management experience ensure an on-time, in-budget and high-quality WOIMA solution delivery across the globe.

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