Generating Local Energy

One of the greatest advantages of the WOIMA Ecosystem is the production of clean local energy. It improves the self-sufficiency of the region by providing it with a means of generating power itself. In the long run, this is the most ecological and inexpensive way of producing energy. The Ecosystem generates the exact energy commodities that are in demand locally, e.g. electricity, thermal energy or biogas. Potable water can also be produced using the energy from the plant.

Utilizing Local Fuels

The WOIMA Ecosystem typically uses different slid and non-toxic waste streams as feedstock. Municipal, commercial, industrial and institutional waste is widely used. These can be supplemented by different agricultural waste streams and biomasses, if required. The key is the constant supply of fuel to keep the ecosystem running 24/7. This requires the development of a robust and reliable collection and delivery system operated by the locals.

Supporting Off-grid Solutions

The small-to-medium scale WOIMA Ecosystem also supports off-grid solutions. Parts of the world are still isolated and missing a connected electricity transmission network. An off-grid ecosystem solution can provide power for up to 100,000 people. Or the ecosystem can be used to power local industries. The space requirement for the ecosystem is less than one hectare, thus it can be built practically everywhere. And dismantled and relocated once it is no longer needed.
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