Many Eastern African countries have alarming waste problems in their hands. There are different factors that contribute to the problem. In these countries waste is stored at waste transfer stations that are not managed at all. For this reason, waste piles up on the streets and in the vicinity of people’s homes. Huge amounts of waste is also burned uncontrollably.

Many cities have outdated, and inefficient waste collection processes that cannot handle the waste situation. In addition, limited lifespan of existing landfills, closure of old landfills, and delays in opening new ones plays an important role in the deterioration of the waste problem. Small improvements have recently taken place, especially in waste collection, but large amounts of waste still end up in nature and cause health effects for humans and animals. See the video below for more details about waste challenges in Eastern Africa.

WOIMA has the perfect solution to help Eastern Africa, to reduce the waste-induced challenges. We have developed a decentralized waste management and power generation solution named “WOIMA Ecosystem” that helps countries and cities to cope with the increasing waste challenges that they are facing.

WOIMA Ecosystem offers solution to help Waste Challenges in Eastern Africa

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