Harnessing the Power of Waste

The developing world is struggling to cope with the waste challenges brought on by the growing economy and population. The WOIMA Ecosystem kills two birds with one stone. First, it generates clean energy using locally abundantly available fuel; municipal solid waste. Second, it protects the people and environment by eliminating the need for landfills or dumpsites and by reducing the cost of waste management, thus ensuring that more waste is collected and treated properly. Diminishing number of rodents, pests, vermin and bacteria means healthier living environment and happier societies.

Freeing up Valuable Space

Traditionally, landfills and dumpsites have been set up close to settlements to make dumping their waste easy. Communities, especially in larger cities, have grown around the landfills, which are now occupying prime real estate in the city center. Transporting the waste to a new location is a logistic impossibility due to the vast accumulated waste quantity. And the landfill doesn’t provide a solid enough building ground either. WOIMA Ecosystem solves both issues; it sorts our recyclables and uses the remaining waste in power generation. Later, the empty lot can be developed e.g. to a recreational area or a housing project.
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