WOIMA BLOG September/2018

Bringing fresh ideas to the industry via innovative culture and students

This September WOIMA blog is written by a student from Vaasa University of Applied Sciences and a summer trainee of Prohoc Oy. A word will be from Juho Veteläinen, Mechanical Engineering student specialized in Process- and Project Management.

The problem

One of the most terrible threats we are facing already and what cannot be hided is a rapidly increasing waste problem. Municipal solid waste and plastic waste will be taking over our backyards as well as the oceans – which we start to well know. Great efforts have been done and new solutions such from WOIMA are continuously developed but is it enough? How can we engage all humans from every corner of the globe to fight against this global problem?

Well – in my opinion the first steps might not be trying to handle the whole picture but to start from the surrounding possibilities. Surrounding possibilities in this case means to actively co-operate with the stakeholders existing around. As a student I will take this change and say that the crucial resource when bringing new ideas to a table are the students for sure. Collaboration together with the educational institutes can really offer fruitful ideas and solutions for companies to be already put in action or just developed further.

The disruptive innovation provided by WOIMA

WOIMA Corporation is rather new player, in the old and conservative industry, who is willing to upgrade the whole idea of waste management. WOIMA’s idea is to go there, where the help is most needed with a reachable solution. W2E power plant does not necessarily need to be fully-automated large-scale solutions with enormous price tag. Taking an alternative approach by offering modular, scalable distributed model and considering the end Customer’s practical challenges looks like a killing recipe. Again, we are talking about the first steps to be taken and with the third world countries the smaller-scale solution is usually the most functional. WOIMA’s agile solution can be easily implemented to a location with simple infrastructure and waste collection system. The price of the WOIMA W2E Power Plant is also affordable and it can even be relocated if needed creating new business opportunities for end Customers.

What comes to collaboration with educational institutes WOIMA has been doing great job with bringing new fresh ideas to the industry also via students who they value as the future doers and innovators. The key thing in WOIMA’s ideology is that disruptive ideas do not drop out of the blue – they are a final result from the hard work of combining as many viewpoints as available and then sharpening the value out of them. The value can be tangible solution or a new way to think and see wider problems and opportunities. WOIMA has gained inspiring and practical ideas by offering several final thesis possibilities to the local students. On the other hand, students have had possibilities to work with meaningful cases and solve real-life problems of the industry.

WOIMA has still a growing number of inspiring final thesis topics to offer. They are also going be a part of W2E Workshop in VAMK held by Mechanical, Electrical & Environmental Technology Department in January 2019. Bravely take a chance to bring your own ideas to be converted into reality and level up your proficiency with WOIMA team!

Cheers and all the best for the fresh autumn and remember to follow WOIMA in LinkedIn.

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Henri Kinnunen

Chief Executive Officer, WOIMA Finland Oy




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