WOIMAcare® takes care of Your important assets and Operations while You can focus on Your key activities.

Staying ahead of the competition is a full time job. The service solutions in our portfolio are flexible and tailored to fit individual needs. The portfolio is divided into Long Term Service Agreements (LTSA) and Operation & Maintenance Agreements (O&MA). Partnering with WOIMAcare® allows you to focus on your core business, knowing that our team of professionals will deliver outstanding service.

WOIMAcare® aim’s at providing
 Prompt delivery of high-demand OEM spares
 Fast, reliable and competent customer support
 Continuous training and qualification programs
 Diagnosis and trouble-shooting with ReMoS

Please find the brochure and our O&M offering from this link: WOIMAcare®

What does WOIMAcare® offer for WOIMA Customers

WOIMAcare® offers a wide range of service and spare part agreements for the wasteWOIMA®power plants and their waste pre-sorting solutions. Whether it is as simple as supplying spare parts and supervision for annual service overhauls or as comprehensive as managing complete power plants, there is something in our portfolio for every type of customer or application need.

WOIMAcare® provides advice and assistance to customers throughout the power plant life cycle, from delivery to decommissioning. We respond rapidly to customer needs to ensure maximum uptime, offer outstanding service and unrivalled technical expertise. Our genuine spare parts safeguard the longevity of your wasteWOIMA® plant.

WOIMAcare® has got Your back whether its providing spare parts, remote monitoring or operating Your plant. Please consult us for our vast updated Service offering. 

At WOIMAcare® our business is operating, maintaining and managing the wasteWOIMA® power plants and their auxiliary equipment. WOIMAcare® is unrivaled in its capability to service the WOIMA products. With access to the OEM knowledge center in our headquarters, where the WOIMA worldwide service experience and operational wasteWOIMA® data is consolidated, we are able to successfully deliver proven industry practices to any locality in order to maximize the investment returns from your wasteWOIMA® power plant.


WOIMAcare® offers worldwide, round-theclock service, 365 days a year. In addition to our service headquarters in Vaasa, Finland, service partners on all continents provide comprehensive and continuous support. WOIMA equipment is renowned for its quality and durability. We are a global organization with a strong local presence, delivering superb field service management, tailor-made solutions, and first-class technical support.


Please find the brochure and our O&M offering from this link: WOIMAcare®.

Consult us for a total solution. Please get in touch with us or with our regional contacts.

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