Building Know-How

Setting up a WOIMA Ecosystem ensures that the technological know-how in the region increases through training and experience. In addition, the investment can generate other business activities and skills. At best, it extends the circular economy concept and integration of different technologies in the fields of recycling, material recovery and waste-to-value. Circular economy increases local resource efficiency by utilizing each waste fraction to its full potential.

Supporting Sciences

Local stakeholders can collaborate in a mutually beneficial way also in the field of research. The WOIMA Ecosystem offers numerous study opportunities to extend local know-how and expertise. Field excursions can provide the academic community practical insight into waste management and waste-to-value solutions. The collaboration can lead to more efficient working practices and increase the overall efficiency of the operation.

Acting Responsibly

The WOIMA Mission is more than just delivering waste-to-value solutions. We want to educate local people about environmental accountability and sustainable business practices. Empowering local population will encourage them to improve their own living conditions and simultaneously protect the nature. This will create a positive circle of local employment, cleaner environment and faster economic growth, where everybody wins.
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