The modular WOIMA Ecosystem is a green investment – it is sustainable both in terms of the investment and the environment. It uses municipal solid waste as fuel and there is no shortage of it, as annually some 2,5 billion tons is generated worldwide. By utilizing waste, we can avoid high methane emissions from landfills and will burden the environment considerably less than before. Local power generation for local people using locally abundantly available free fuel will go a long way in solving local development challenges.


Landfill gas is generated by the anaerobic decomposition of organic matter, such as food waste. It contains mainly methane, which is one of the worst greenhouse gases. Currently, most of it goes uncollected and/or untreated. Landfill gas can be collected with an inexpensive piping network and utilized in the WOIMA Ecosystem as support fuel further enhancing its productivity, while protecting the environment and climate.


The WOIMA Ecosystem end-product tops off the investment also from the environmental point of view. This can be heating, cooling, electrical energy, different fuels or clean water, which can be sold either to consumers or industries. Thermal energy and steam can be utilized as part of the existing industrial process, and clean water is valuable both for consumers and factory processes.