Waste calorific value (LHV) calculation

Waste is a challenging fuel due to its heterogenous nature, low calorific value, high moisture content and potentially harmful emissions. Do you know what type of waste you have?

Understanding your fuel charasteristics is the cornerstone of a successful waste-to-energy project development. It is the first step en route towards project implementation, waste challenge mitigation and green energy generation. The key is defining the LHV or Lower Heating Value of the waste fuel as it determines the feasible technical solution for the waste fuel. LHV aka. Net Calorific Value (NCV) is the energy content of the waste as is, i.e. containing all the moisture. The moisture, or water content, naturally, contains no energy. Thus, the waste fuel feedstock requirement is larger by the moisture content percentage, e.g. 50% moisture means that the feedstock is doubled compared to 0% moisture content fuel defined by such terms as Higher Heating Value (HHV) or Gross Calorific Value (GCV).

Since the fuel combustion properties vary as a function of the LHV, so must the technical solutions. The wasteWOIMA® power plant’s combustion grates are optimized for two different LHV ranges to ensure complete waste fuel combustion, maximized energy output, and minimized emissions. Each range is capable of handling a wide variety of waste fuels with fluctuating moisture contents. And it leaves room for changes in the waste fuel feedstock quality over time.

Below you can calculate your waste calorific value for free and find out whether your feedstock is suitable for wasteWOIMA® power plant. To learn more about the next steps, contact us with your waste composition results.

Check Your Waste Characteristics – For Free

The questions will help us to estimate the calorific value of your waste fuel towards a waste-to-energy project. This estimate will be used in the pre-feasibility phase only. Further analysis and laboratory tests are needed to determine the actual values of the waste feedstock.

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