Utilizing Green Fuels

The WOIMA Ecosystem can utilize many kinds of solid and non-toxic waste streams to generate different types of energy commodities (electricity, saturated steam, thermal energy, biogas etc.) based on local needs. It uses municipal, industrial, commercial and institutional waste streams, as well as different biomasses as fuel. The use of green and renewable fuels saved fossil fuels and reduces CO2 emissions significantly. Simultaneously waste recycling rates increase to save virgin raw materials.

Emptying Existing Landfills

Existing landfills are one of the biggest under-utilized fuel sources worldwide. They also account for close to 10% of the CO2 equivalent greenhouse gas emissions. Landfills have accumulated over several decades and contain valuable raw materials (such as glass and metals), combustibles and biodegradable material. The biomass has been mainly composted to soil and can be recycled, while the combustible material is incinerated into energy. Once the landfill is empty, the WOIMA Ecosystem is relocated to the next site and the land rehabilitated for other purposes.
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Harnessing the Power of Gas

There are two main options of generating fuel-grade gas from waste; installing methane wells in an existing landfill to collect the landfill gas or using anaerobic digestion to generate biogas. Both gas types can be used in the wasteWOIMA® power plant either as support fuel or to enhance its power generation capacity. This way the green and clean natural gas substitute is fully utilized, and the maximum amount of energy is extracted out the waste.