New waste utilization

Waste collection and waste management in emerging countries is still in its infancy. Introducing the WOIMA Ecosystem will significantly improve the waste management practices, while generating local wellbeing. Recycling the waste into raw materials and energy means that the waste management practically pays for itself. When the society evolves, more and more sophisticated solutions can be introduced to the ecosystem to deduct the maximum amount of value from the waste.

Utilizing landfill sites

An existing landfill site is an excellent place to build the WOIMA Ecosystem. Typically, there already is an operational waste logistics solution delivering waste onto the site, which is essential to the continuous operation of the ecosystem. The landfill offers an excellent back-up fuel depo for time periods, when fresh waste is unavailable. The ecosystem can also target to eliminate the landfill altogether and rehabilitate the area for other purposes. The ecosystem can then be relocated to a more suitable location.