The WOIMA Solutions are highly automated to ensure low operational cost. With a lighter structure than large plants, its maintenance needs are also considerably lower. These low operational costs also make the investment significantly more profitable and facilitate high yields. Yet another benefit of low operational costs is, of course, the reduced operating capital requirement.


The WOIMA Solutions have been designed for a 30-year lifespan in the most challenging environmental conditions. Robustness and easy operability are the two key design principles. Thus, they will offer continuous power and prosperity for decades to come. Once the lifespan is over, the steel structures still have recycling value.


The light-weight WOIMA Solutions are fast and inexpensive to erect saving a significant amount of capital expenditure. The modular solutions can also be dismantled and relocated, thus protecting the value of the investment. All that is left on site is the concrete foundation. Low capital expenditure combined with low operational costs and responsible ROI makes the WOIMA Solution a sound investment.