More know-how in the region

Setting up a WOIMA Ecosystem in an area brings the locals more benefits than just environmental ones. The jobs and technical training at the plant ensure that technological know-how in the region increases. In addition, power generation investments tend to generate other business activities, investments and know-how around them.



The WOIMA Solutions use different waste fractions as fuel and raw material. By utilizing them locally, instead of letting them decompose in landfills for example, the region’s problem – in this case waste – becomes the solution for increasing its self-sufficiency. People will be able to turn their waste into the end-product they need: clean water or energy, which spells wellbeing.


Creating new business

WOIMA Solutions are built into an existing infrastructure; an environment with factories and housing around it. They help generate new business activities in the region. Firstly, locally paid salaries to the plant employees circulate money locally boosting businesses. Secondly, the Solutions require service and support functions, like maintenance or waste collection and transportation. Thirdly, the produced energy fractions encourage local small and medium size enterprising.

Decentralizing waste management and power generation

The modular WOIMA Ecosystem support decentralization of the waste management and related power generation. Localized “hubs” will generate significant savings in waste logistics and power transmissions, especially in the investment side. They will also be able to offer the exact energy commodities that the local population and industries require.

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