The WOIMA Mission is all about generating local wellbeing. Not only by addressing the waste-problem itself, but also by creating employment and training opportunities for local population, i.e. helping people help themselves. The WOIMA Ecosystem creates hundreds of jobs on-site and both up- and downstream. These are permanent jobs with varying skills requirements and on-the-job learning potential. In addition, the construction period supports a longer local value chain.

Supporting Local Businesses

The locals will find meaningful jobs in the SMEs arising around the WOIMA Ecosystem. Such opportunities can be in businesses managing the various areas of the local waste collection process, maintenance of the waste collection and ecosystem equipment and utilization of the recyclables from the WOIMA Ecosystem, such as producing bricks from the bottom ash. In addition, valuable metals can be recovered from the bottom ash and recycled as raw materials for the metal industry.

Promoting UN SDGs

The WOIMA Ecosystem fully supports the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Offering clean and affordable energy, supporting industry, innovation and infrastructure, and creating gender-equal jobs are some of the key targets of WOIMA. These will lead to economic growth, reduced inequalities and reduce poverty and hunger. All-in-all, the SDGs aim at protecting the people and environment alike.
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