Decentralization is the Key

Decentralizing the waste collection and power generation creates huge savings to both waste management and power transmission companies. The small-to-medium-size WOIMA Ecosystems are spread around the city to optimize the waste transportation routes and to generate the exact energy commodities, electricity, thermal energy or fuels, that are needed locally; either by the community or industries. Shorter and faster transportation routes require less equipment and manpower, thus offering significant savings.

Local Benefits

The localized WOIMA Solution will use local waste to power local enterprises employing local people generating local wellbeing. The recyclables sorted out during the first phase of the WOIMA Ecosystem will replace virgin raw materials at a lower cost to support local SMEs around the Ecosystem. This way all waste streams are recycled either as raw materials or as energy. Localization empowers the local communities to harness the value of waste, thus improving the waste management activities and the 3R (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle).
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