Generating Different Commodities

One of the key design principles of the WOIMA Ecosystem is flexibility. It will use locally available fuels to generate locally sought-after energy commodities for local people. The generated power can be in the form of electricity, saturated steam, thermal energy (either heating or cooling), biogas, transport fuels and similar. The Ecosystem can concentrate on generating one type of energy or a mix of them. In each case, it will prove the most cost-efficient solution.

Switching between Commodities

The WOIMA Ecosystem can also switch between the different energy commodities – flexibly. For example, an industrial customer might require both electricity and saturated steam during the day shift, but during night only electricity is sold to the national grid. The WOIMA Ecosystem easily adapts to these changes thanks to its sophisticated automation system. The internal synergies between different waste streams and energy commodities further enhance its capabilities.
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Changing Generation Capacity

The modular and prefabricated nature of the WOIMA Ecosystem enables quick changes in its power generation capacity – in both directions. New ecosystem solutions can be delivered in less than a year, and relocated in half that time. The solutions can also operate at under-capacity, thus adapting to restrictions in fuel supply. All that is required locally is a concrete slab foundation, water and means to distribute the energy commodities.