The wasteWOIMA® power plant design addresses the sometimes complex requirements set forth by varying environmental conditions and challenges. These consist of e.g. ambient conditions (temperature, humidity and rainfall), wind load and seismic activity.

The structural and operational integrity of the plant can withstand all the stress posed on it by the environment.

These external forces are absorbed by the plant’s robust steel structure and transferred into the ground via a simple concrete base slab.

The standardized plant design covers most situations and stricter or future requirements are easy to accommodate by redesigning or remanufacturing the affected modules that can be replaced during the maintenance break. Freezing, humid, extremely hot and dry conditions have already been considered during the design phase. Thus, the plant can operate in various environmental and climate conditions from Equator to Arctic and from desert to rainforest.

Benefits of location suitability

  • Delivers standardized solution to any location
  • Saves design and manufacturing time and resources
  • Withstands even the most adverse conditions
  • Supports the power plant movability option
  • Simplifies the sales and project development processes

Follow our blog series “22 levels of wasteWOIMA® flexibility” to find out more about how these flexibilities can help You realize Your waste-to-value project.

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WOIMA Corporation is a Finnish supplier of best-in-class waste-to-value products, projects and services worldwide. We have developed solutions that enable us, and the customer, to transform and recycle virtually any waste stream into raw materials and energy.  At WOIMA we combine Finnish engineering know-how in waste management with power generation design expertise. These solutions are used in Finland every day. They support the circular economy ideology and ensure that less than 1% of Finland’s waste ends up in landfills.

Our mission is to improve quality of life both locally and globally, as well as empower people to utilize waste as a commodity. Our decades of international project management experience ensure an on-time, in-budget and high-quality WOIMA solution delivery across the globe.

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