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Vaasa, Finland & Shanghai, China –November 2023

Shanghai SUS ENVIRONMENT Co.,LTD (SUS) and WOIMA Finland Oy (WOIMA) have signed an agreement to increase the market reach of the modular wasteWOIMA® waste-to-energy solution. The parties will develop new WtE projects and target markets currently out of reach to both parties.

The modular wasteWOIMA® WtE plant is a unique pre-engineered and prefabricated small-to-medium-scale solution allowing fast project deployment. It is easily scalable for projects with 25,000 to 200,000 tons of non-recyclable waste annually. The workshop-fabricated and pre-assembled modules guarantee a high-quality, cost-effective and on-time delivery, as well as fast construction time on site. Together these offer significant project risk reduction.

The plant utilizes robust grate combustion technology to safely treat a wide range of solid waste fuels while complying with the most stringent environmental standards. Advanced plant automation and standardized maintenance ensure long lifespan, high plant reliability and low operating costs.

The wasteWOIMA® plant has a large number of applications ranging from stand-alone industrial steam generation to grid-connected CHP plant to decentralized waste management and power generation solution for larger cities. Our carbon capture solution enables the delivery of carbon-neutral, or even carbon negative, WtE projects. These all benefit from the same modular and standardized design and engineering, manufacturing processes and supply chain.

Mr Kinnunen and Mr Zhan signing the MOA as Chairman’s of SUS and WOIMA Mr Long and Mr Manner act as Witness

Dr. Long Jisheng, Chairman, SUS: “SUS has been developing waste incineration power generation technology in China for almost two decades. With this vast experiences and together with WOIMA we shall work to address the solid waste to energy issues, create innovative solid waste management strategies, and make a meaningful contribution to global environmental protection especially in the small and medium scale projects globally”.

Henri Kinnunen, CEO, WOIMA: “Waste generation is a growing challenge around the globe, especially in the emerging markets that also lack a dependable power generation. SUS, with its proven track record as one of the biggest players in the WtE market, offers an exciting opportunity to reach new markets and customers. The strengths of both companies complement each other perfectly.”

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About SUS

SUS Environment focuses on urban solid waste treatment, eco-industrial park construction, waste-to-energy solutions, as well as agricultural and forestry waste treatment. It is a comprehensive service provider integrating investment, construction and operation. As a leading solid waste treatment enterprise, SUS is committed to building a stable, low-carbon clean incineration system to producing more power and generating less emissions.

SUS has the core equipment manufacturing ability, and also provides customers with professional waste-to-energy EPC and complete equipment supply services, which covers project design, procurement, construction, commissioning and trial operation.

In the past two decades, SUS has delivered over 70 WtE power plant projects with a capacity of 110,000 tpd and supplied grate equipment to more than 260 projects with a daily capacity of 280,000 tons. Several dozen of these projects have been delivered as a full EPC solutions.

Create a cleaner and more friendly environment. For more information, please visit SUS at


WOIMA promotes the carbon-neutral decentralized waste management and power generation model worldwide to ensure that different solid waste streams are utilized to their maximum potential. We develop innovative, standardized, and modular waste-to-value solutions that are easy to transport, fast to construct and simple to maintain. They employ local people using local fuel sources providing power to local people and businesses.

We are networking with agents, project developers, project owners and financing institutions realizing waste-to-value ecosystem projects to reduce waste generation and landfilling in over 30 countries.

WOIMA Ecosystem encompasses all waste-to-value solutions to deliver carbon-neutral, or even carbon-negative, energy commodities and recyclables. For more information, please visit WOIMA at


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