Operating Principles for Impact Management (the Principles) describe the essential features of managing investment funds with the intent to contribute to measurable positive social, economic, or environmental impact, alongside financial returns. This goes beyond asset selection that aligns investment portfolios with impact goals (for example, the SDGs), to requiring a robust investment thesis of how the investment contributes to the achievement of impact.


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The Principles are intended to be a reference point for investors for the design and implementation of their impact management systems. They may be implemented through different types of systems, which are designed to be fit for purpose for different types of institutions and funds. They do not prescribe specific tools and approaches, or specific impact measurement frameworks. They do not provide guidance on how they are to be implemented. The ambition is that industry participants will continue to learn from each other as they implement the Principles.

Each asset owner and asset manager would align their management systems to the Principles. However, the manner in which the Principles are applied will differ by type of investor and institution. Asset owners and asset managers may apply the Principles to the relevant parts of their portfolios. For example, asset owners and their advisors may use the Principles to screen impact investment opportunities. Asset managers and their advisors may use the Principles to assure investors that impact funds are managed in a robust fashion.

WOIMA has created the “WOIMA Environmental, Social and Governance Impact Statement” document to help all stakeholders, investors included, better understand the mostly positive impacts that the WOIMA Ecosystem and wasteWOIMA® solutions have. See how the WOIMA waste-to-value solutions can help solve some of the core ESG challenges in emerging economies.

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