Monetizing wasteWOIMA® Benefits – Boiler Hall Design & Build Phase

Although the wasteWOIMA® WtE power plant is robust enough for outdoor conditions, sometimes it is feasible to cover it with a hall because of e.g. working conditions or for architectural reasons. Similar to standardizing the plant design, it makes common sense to also standardize the hall design for easier and faster construction.

The standard horizontal boiler -type wasteWOIMA20 plant is less than 22m high and fits into a building with max height of 25m

  • 25m is a typical maximum height in built environment in Europe
  • With optional design changes to the fuel feed hopper and empty pass cleaning assembly the plant height can be reduced to below 19m to fit into a 20m high building

WOIMA, in cooperation with our partners, has a standardized modular boiler hall design and supply available for wasteWOIMA® customers

Savings are generated through

  • Simpler building structure
  • Less building material
  • Less construction work
  • Lower building weight
  • Smaller wind load
  • Simpler building foundation
  • Standardized building layout
  • Optimized building supply chain
  • Faster building process

Combined, these WOIMAbenefits can save over 600,000€ in boiler hall design and construction and speed up the phase by several weeks.

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