WOIMA has few new open positions for THESIS works both for Master and Bachelor level students.

If You want to save the planet with us, please see below.


1. Site installation optimization for modular power plant

Logistics – Optimization

Good at playing Tetris? We have a great thesis proposal for a person who has an eye for organizing and logical order. Our W2E Power Plants can be build very fast, but to ensure top speed in our deliveries, every move in our site installation must be also optimized to the maximum. Are you up to the task to set new levels of optimization in the site installation phase?


2. Waste Logistics efficiency through Decentralized W2E power generation


Building one big Waste-to-Energy Power Plant is selected option in many western city due to the well-established infrastructure, but considering the nature and the bigger picture of the waste management in developing countries, the best approach may not be the same. Your assignment would be to study the possibilities of a Decentralized Power Generation Concept and to analyze the saved total costs including waste logistics and the mitigated negative impacts resulted thereof.


3.Powered by Manure

Process Engineering  / Thermodynamics – Energy

In this Thesis you will be studying the best method of producing energy out of manure to which many of our clients have approached us to provide a solution for.


4. Next generation WOIMA – Solid Waste Incinerator

Process Engineering – Energy

Would you like to take a leading role in innovating a completely new type of waste incinerator. In this Master thesis you would be studying the advantages of our new solid waste incinerator concept. If the study provides feasible results, a working prototype will be made according to findings of this Thesis.


To the above topics please contact,

Tapani Korhonen

Chief Technical Officer

Mobile: +358 44 989 1513



5. Attention to Quality!

Engineering – Safety and Risk Management, Mechanical or Automation Engineering

If you are an engineer student who has already some experience of Power Plants and you desire for quality beyond perfection, come on board!

In this thesis, you would be studying the industry related quality and safety requirements to develop an effective WOIMA Safety Concept in a cross-organizational environment together with our experts.


6. Materials under Control!

Engineering or Business Administration

Are you a person with an interest in project material management and in resource planning? We look forward to your innovative approach in analyzing the possibilities in our current ERP and PDMS -systems in respect to our business environment and based on your findings, our IT-tools would be further aligned with the fast project deliveries around the globe.


To the above topics please contact,

Joona Piirto

Chief Project Officer

Mobile: +358 50 387 9883



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