Waste is typically available in abundance everywhere. Urbanization and economic growth are the main driving factors behind accelerated waste generation. Waste could act as a raw material for manufacturing industries or as fuel for power production. But, the challenge lies in the collection, transportation and sorting of the waste.

Use case around decentralized waste-to-energy solution with wasteWOIMA® power plant published.

One of the key barriers to economic development in many countries is the lack of energy. It is a vicious circle really; lack of energy means low manufacturing rate, which translates to weak exports and shortage of foreign currency for fuel import purposes.

wasteWOIMA® modular waste-to-energy power plant has the right characteristics to solve the energy shortage problem. It offers local community electricity and thermal power for household use as well as for small and medium-size enterprise  development. Waste to fuel the plant is collected locally in an area of 100,000 to 500,000 people, waste-sorting separates usable materials like glass and metals for recycling and the energy is fed directly to local grids. Thus, there is no need for excessive infrastructure investments.

wasteWOIMA® uses non-toxic municipal, institutional, commercial and/or industrial waste to generate super-heated steam, electricity, thermal energy and/or potable water. The required waste quantity is roughly 150 tons per day, which translates to 3.4 MWe of electrical power or 2.0 MWe / 8.5 MWh in co-generation. The plant is easily delivered, quick to install, cost-efficient to run and simple to maintain offering all stakeholders significant benefits.

Our wasteWOIMA® ecosystem enables us to utilize also the already existing potential energy sources in the landfills such landfill gas with municipal solid waste efficiently in our wasteWOIMA® power plant.


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