Tourism is a revenue-generating and job-creating blessing for many developing countries, but it can turn into a curse, unless it is developed in a sustainable manner. Holiday resorts consume huge amounts of energy and also generate lots of waste, which should be produced and disposed of in an environmentally friendly way.

Use case around  Holiday Resort Waste to energy solution in wasteWOIMA® power plant published.

Many developing countries get a lion’s share of their foreign currency from tourism, which is why more and more exclusive holiday resorts are being established on remote areas of natural beauty.

These resorts have also become accessible to a growing number of visitors due to the continued economic growth in the industrialized countries. However, western holiday makers have come to expect western standards also on vacation. These include hot showers, air-conditioned rooms and
potable water straight out of the tab.

Our wasteWOIMA®  modular waste-to-energy power plant has  the right characteristics to utilize all types of waste fractions for power generation that are created in hotels and resorts. It can produce the required thermal and electrical power to run the facilities utilizing the freely available waste feeds. The fuel feed to the wasteWOIMA® power plant can be a combination of all kinds of waste fractions, including municipal, industrial, commercial and institutional waste.


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