Urbanization is an ever-accelerating trend especially in the developing world. People are moving to cities in search of a better future and thus burdening the already struggling waste management system to its limits. Waste is simply discarded in street corners or dumped in over-stretched landfills in the midst of residential areas.

Use case around landfill rehabilitation for housing purposes solution with wasteWOIMA® power plant published.

Landfills have historically been founded, or formed, on the edge of towns and cities. The less waste collection infrastructure there is, the closer the landfill typically is. And now cities are expanding around, and sometimes even on top of, the old landfills.

Moving the landfill site to another location further away from the expanding city is an obvious solution for new waste, but it does not solve the issue with the current landfill.


wasteWOIMA® modular waste-to-energy power plant offers a simple solution for the problem. The waste on old landfills is simply incinerated for energy on site. The plant utilizes up to 200,000 tons of waste, corresponding to 600,000 m3 of
uncompacted waste, for fuel annually. Thus, even a large landfill can be emptied in five to ten years, after which the modular plant can be relocated to the next site and the former landfill area freed for housing development


wasteWOIMA® uses non-toxic municipal, institutional, commercial and/or industrial waste to generate super-heated steam, electricity, thermal energy and/or potable water. The required waste quantity is roughly 150 tons per day, which
translates to 3.4 MWe of electrical power or 2.0 MWe / 8.5 MWh in co-generation. The plant is easily delivered, quick to install, cost-efficient to run and simple to maintain offering all stakeholders significant benefits.


Our wasteWOIMA® ecosystem enables us to utilize also the already existing potential energy sources in the landfills such landfill gas with municipal solid waste efficiently in our wasteWOIMA® power plant.


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