Use Case: Organic Waste Power Generation Solution

The wasteWOIMA® power plant uses also organic waste fractions, such as olive mill waste (OMW), empty fruit bunches (EFB), palm oil mill effluent (POME) and palm kernel shell (PKS) to generate super-heated steam, electricity, thermal energy and/or potable water. Creating energy from a leftover fuel, while protecting the environment from the impact of these production by-products.

Use case around using organic waste in wasteWOIMA® power plant published.

Our wasteWOIMA®  modular waste-to-energy power plant has the right characteristics to utilize all types of organic waste fractions for power generation. It can produce the required thermal and electrical power to run the production
facilities utilizing the freely available production by-products. The fuel feed to the wasteWOIMA® power plant can be a combination of all kinds of waste fractions, including municipal, industrial, commercial and institutional waste.

Thus, the plant can serve both industries and municipalities alike.

Our wasteWOIMA® ecosystem enables us to utilize the often already existing potential energy sources such landfill gas and biomasses mixed  also with municipal solid waste efficiently  in our wasteWOIMA® power plant.


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