WOIMA BLOG 5/2018 – Planning as the foundation of a successful project

We in WOIMA are fully engaged to the mission of turning Waste into Wellbeing. The projects we embark upon are set to solve customer problems which we believe truly makes a difference. The endeavor is packed with various encounters, where the way project is planned, can be decisive to ensure superior outcome for all stakeholders.

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WOIMA BLOG – Planning as the foundation of a successful project

Managing the critical capabilities of the organization will play a major role in ensuring that project management activities to occur seamlessly in accordance with the customer expectation. In WOIMA projects, we take into account not only the mere outcome but most importantly how the objective is to be achieved. In other words, we highlight that if the focus is only on the objective and not equally as well in the means, the output will eventually diminish, and the results will be short lived.

Flexibility, speed and Innovation 

Therefore, at WOIMA, we cultivate an environment where we can develop critical capabilities such as Flexibility, Speed and Innovation collectively together with our partners. We see that when the whole value chain is aligned and working together, each stakeholder along the chain can benefit further and the jointly delivered effort will provide a larger reward more swiftly as in terms of social and economic wellbeing.

Planning as the key

Nevertheless, in order to deploy the capabilities effectively, a successful delivery of any kind often requires the foundation of a having the clear understanding of the facts involved and the critical actions which provide the most considerable progress for a particular project, starting from a sales development to a project execution and beyond. Therefore, the importance of careful planning and communication from early on among all necessary stakeholders cannot be overstated to enable the most attractive outcome possible to be realized.



WOIMA project model acts as the base for Project planning.






In case these actions are dismissed, it may leave issues under the radar consequently creating the environment for bigger problems to grow.  Regardless whether the reason may refer to the lack of resources or gap in competence, the crucial factor is to realize the fact and execute concrete actions to prevent that from happening. Action may be to invest time to develop the competence which will evitable have a learning curve and short-term performance may suffer.

Investment that reduces project risk and uncertainties 

Alternatively, the solution can be to fill the gap immediately by a conducting a Pre-feasibility study by WOIMA professionals who have the set of tools, techniques and competence needed to establish the preconditions which paves the way for a successful project exceeding the customer expectation and reducing the project overall risk significantly.


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Joona Piirto

Chief Project Officer, WOIMA Finland Oy



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Henri Kinnunen

Chief Executive Officer, WOIMA Finland Oy



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