Honkajoki Oy and WOIMA Finland Oy have founded a joint venture company RECOMILL Oy, to combine their expertise to develop and export their best-in-class animal by-product rendering plants. Honkajoki brings into the JV their know-how and technology in recycling and rendering animal by-products into valuable commodities with world market demand. WOIMA provides their expertise in the sales and delivery phase of international EPC projects, as well as the power generation solution for the rendering plant. RECOMILL is targeting the small-to-medium size animal rendering plant market in both developed and developing countries worth several billion euros annually. RECOMILL has a unique value proposition in providing the meat supply chain with a one-stop-shop solution to harness the value of meat production side-streams and increase the profitability through its RECOMILL Plant, Ecopark and Services solutions.

RECOMILL has its roots in 50 years of Finnish know-how in rendering animal by-products. Now, the solution is available in an easy-to-buy and simple-to-deliver modular recycling mill that will have a great environmental, ecological and social impact around the globe. In many economies, animal by-products remain an unutilized resource that can generate wealth, while protecting the environment and natural resources. More info at www.recomill.com

Honkajoki Oy specializes in producing and manufacturing pure raw materials from an animal origin. These organic raw materials are used in the manufacturing of fertilisers, pet foods and feed products. The processes also recover fat, which can be used as a raw material for biodiesel and in the production of cosmetics and industrial greases. Honkajoki has over 50 years of experience in rendering animal by-products into valuable commodities. More info at www.honkajokioy.fi

WOIMA Finland Oy is a Finnish EPC supplier of modular waste-to-energy power generation solutions. The wasteWOIMA power plants deliver electricity, steam and thermal energy using local waste streams, such as municipal solid waste (MSW), and different biomasses as fuel. The WOIMA organization has over 20 years of experience in delivering EPC projects in over 100 countries across the globe. More info at www.woimacorporation.com

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