WOIMA has many open positions for THESIS works both for Master and Bachelor level students. We offer Thesis for both Finnish and foreign students. 

If You want to save the planet with us, please see below.

1. Brewery energy streams

Beer, that delicious drink of gods. Made through delicate brewing process that perfects the taste of beer. At the same time this process also requires energy in form of electricity, steam and hot water. We are looking for a student that would like to make final thesis and make deeper studies that what are the energy streams required by the brewery process. We promise there will be free beer from this work!

2.Powered by Manure

Process Engineering  / Thermodynamics – Energy

In this Thesis you will be studying the best method of producing energy out of manure to which many of our clients have approached us to provide a solution for.

3. Next generation WOIMA – Solid Waste Incinerator

Process Engineering – Energy

Would you like to take a leading role in innovating a completely new type of waste incinerator. In this Master thesis you would be studying the advantages of our new solid waste incinerator concept. If the study provides feasible results, a working prototype will be made according to findings of this Thesis.


To the above topics please send Your CV and short Cover letter to,

Tapani Korhonen



4. Investigation of the factors enabling the development of Medical Waste Treatment and characteristics in XXX Region.

Characteristics of Medical Waste (what are the types of hospital waste in general)

Medical Waste Treatment (Technologies)

Historic and future inclinations of Medical Waste in XXX region

  • Situation of Medical Waste Treatment
  • Impact to Humans, wellbeing and environment
  • Governmental law and regulation
  • Barriers, opportunities and risks
  • Existing development projects

 Economics and markets for Medical Waste in XXX region

  • Trends in Medical Waste generation
  • Market drivers and key dynamics
  • Socio-economic benefits
  • Economic feasibility


  • Suggestion of the main factors which influence for the development of Medical Waste Treatment
  • Conclusion of the existing and non-existent factors in XXX  region
  • Forecast of the market feasibility for development of Medical Waste Treatment in XXX region

5. Attention to Procurement!

Engineering or Business Administration

In this thesis, you would be studying the industry related purchasing process and cross-discipline requirements to develop a standardized global purchase documentation for our procurement activities with suppliers enabling efficient and successful WOIMA project deliveries.


To the above topics please send Your CV and short Cover letter to,

Joona Piirto



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