Monetizing wasteWOIMA® Benefits


WOIMA Finland Oy is revolutionizing the waste-to-energy (WtE) market with a modular pre-engineered and prefabricated small-to-medium scale wasteWOIMA® power plant. Our disruptive innovation work puts us in the forefront of the waste-to-energy market globally. It adapts easily to changes in waste generation, whether increases through population and economic growth or decreases through better source sorting and recycling. Thus, it is already future-proof.

This robust WtE solution has several benefits and advantages compared to old-fashioned stick-built power plants, which can be monetized through a five-tier approach:

1. One-time savings (during project development & construction phase)

The pre-engineered solution with substantial documentation and WOIMA sales tools enables fast project development and on-time, in-budget high-quality project delivery. In short, WOIMAdesign de-risks the whole project.

2. Continuous savings (during plant operation & maintenance phase)

The robust wasteWOIMA® plant design ensures cost-efficient operations, simple maintenance, and optimized use of consumables.

3. Continuous revenue (during plant operation & maintenance phase)

The wasteWOIMA® plant has both high efficiency and availability generating the highest revenue stream in its size class.

4. Savings and revenue potential over time (in future plant deliveries)

All WOIMA design and engineering work benefits the same standardized wasteWOIMA® plant design improving the profitability of existing plants as well as the competitiveness of WOIMA in future plant deliveries.

5. Revenue potential over time (through new markets access)

On one hand, existing WOIMA plants offer new service business potential. On the other, the flexibility of the wasteWOIMA® plant also creates business opportunities in new market segments.

The aforementioned savings and revenue subjects are based on WOIMA’s understanding of the differences between pre-fabricated and stick-built power plants and their cost levels. They refer to a single WOIMAline (boiler island) wasteWOIMA20 power plant using 50,000 tons of RDF as fuel and generating 5.0 MW of electricity. These differences, as well as savings and revenue potential, vary form market to market. These figures represent typical European project delivery benefits.

Every effort is made to represent and calculate the savings and revenue potential as correctly as possible, but WOIMA does not guarantee that these figures are reached in any single project.

The discounted values omit any price and cost escalation, i.e. the value of money is the same for year 30 as for year 1 without any increases over the 30-year period. Any escalation would mean a significantly higher discounted value. The net present values of any recurring savings and/ or revenue are calculated with a 5% discount factor.

We at WOIMA fully appreciate that each project is unique and not all of the savings and revenue potential may apply. We are happy to help customers calculate their savings and revenue potential with their wasteWOIMA® WtE plant delivery.

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WOIMA Corporation is a Finnish supplier of best-in-class waste-to-value products, projects and services worldwide. We have developed solutions that enable us, and the customer, to transform and recycle virtually any waste stream into raw materials and energy.  At WOIMA we combine Finnish engineering know-how in waste management with power generation design expertise. These solutions are used in Finland every day. They support the circular economy ideology and ensure that less than 1% of Finland’s waste ends up in landfills.

Our mission is to improve quality of life both locally and globally, as well as empower people to utilize waste as a commodity. Our decades of international project management experience ensure an on-time, in-budget and high-quality WOIMA solution delivery across the globe.