Modular Plant Design by WOIMA

Plant design has traditionally been the cash cow for engineering companies. Each plant has been designed as “fit-for-purpose” with little regard to existing plant parameters and designs. This has ensured continuous and highly profitable cash flow performing all the engineering disciplines; process, mechanical, electrical and automation. And over-staffing the project development and delivery phases at customer’s expense. WOIMA is challenging this outdated approach.

The WOIMA Modular Design Concept development begun with an idea of a sea-container-based power plant. All the process equipment were installed in, and boiler parts prefabricated into 20- and 40-foot sea containers in a controlled workshop environment. This ensures easy transportability and fast plant erection on site.

Unfortunately, the restrictive container dimensions also limited the plant’s output. We overcame this constraint by introducing scalability into the Concept – one to four boiler islands could be integrated to create larger plant setups to serve a broader customer base.


Today, we still adhere to the original design principles of transportability, scalability, constructability, and flexibility. But the modular boiler concept has evolved away from sea containers as a structural core of the modules, while still mostly using their dimensions.

Our “base model” has 15MW thermal power. It incorporates all the power plant’s technical solutions, including electrification, automation, instrumentation, and insulation in the modules. The WOIMA Design Concept enables easy and fast development of new products in one megawatt size increments. We have already developed the 10MW and 20MW versions as examples to serve certain niche markets. And new products are developed based on market needs. Naturally, all current WOIMA products are also scalable up to four boiler islands.


The key phrase behind all this development work is “derisking the project delivery”. The use of proven technical solutions, pre-engineering the products with multiple options, as well as designing the modules with easy delivery and fast construction time in mind all point in the same direction: reduced time spent in unpredictable environment such as the project site. This enables more accurate project pricing and resourcing, and leads to on time, in budget, high quality project delivery.

In short, the WOIMA Modular Plant Concept enhances the project feasibility and profitability for all; suppliers, contractors and end-customers alike.

Modular Design Saves Project Engineering Costs By Over 80 %.

Key Benefits of WOIMA Modular Design Concept


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WOIMA Corporation is a Finnish supplier of best-in-class waste-to-value products, projects and services worldwide. We have developed solutions that enable us, and the customer, to transform and recycle virtually any waste stream into raw materials and energy.  At WOIMA we combine Finnish engineering know-how in waste management with power generation design expertise. These solutions are used in Finland every day. They support the circular economy ideology and ensure that less than 1% of Finland’s waste ends up in landfills.

Our mission is to improve quality of life both locally and globally, as well as empower people to utilize waste as a commodity. Our decades of international project management experience ensure an on-time, in-budget and high-quality WOIMA solution delivery across the globe.


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